There is a difference between money spent and money well spent.

At Rock Connections, we find tailor-made solutions to generate additional revenue for our clients. We provide a full-service sales team with the necessary skills to  help build on our clients success. Our unique approach to proactive account management, coupled with the innovative thinking of our account specialists, allows us to obtain conversion rates that exceed the industry average.

While it may be the norm to implement an in-depth level of data gathering, we go well beyond industry standards. You’ll see results from our deep investment in metrics and the time we spend interpreting findings before, during and after the call. After facilitating a slate of successful campaigns, we’ve found that our experienced contact center team, proactive analytics and exceptional client service are among the core competencies that differentiate Rock Connections from the other guys.

Contact Center Solutions

1) Full sales of products and/or services
2) Live transfers
3) Cross-selling
4) Lead generation
5) Real-time verified appointment setting
6) Customer Service
7) Marketing via email and SMS
8) Business-to-consumer services
9) Business-to-business services
10) Blended inbound and outbound call capabilities
11) Quality Assurance Team

Industries We Serve

1) Financial services
2) Home and personal security
3) Real estate
4) Travel and leisure
5) Education
6) Automotive
7) Technology
8) Health Care