Generating new business doesn’t need to be complex or costly.

We help our clients by utilizing high-level account specialists, strong sales marketing leadership and our quality assurance team, which records 100% of calls. We believe our success comes not from our individual abilities, but in our strength as a team. While technology leads to better efficiency, the diverse skills of our people lead us to better insight, higher conversion rates and more successful campaigns. With a focus on producing a profitable revenue stream for our clients, we have recruited a team of account specialists who work together to convert information into strategies and sales.

Training and Coaching

From screening to securing the close, our trainers and skill coaches share their knowledge with new and existing team members on a continual basis. Our extensive development program includes specialized account specialist training as well as powerful sales cross-training for any type of campaign. We treat sales like a second language at Rock Connections, and we’re constantly studying and improving our skills. 

Quality Assurance Team

The quality assurance team is a coaching resource for providing feedback and solutions to individual account specialists through detailed evaluations. These team members capture best practices, identify opportunities for coaching and ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. With all the information we gather through this process, we’re able to provide visibility  to our clients on a team, individual and campaign level. 


Before implementation, our team of account managers and strategists meet with each client to evaluate their needs, walk through the value proposition and gather any information we should know about the campaign. Then, we walk through all objections as well as frequently asked questions   and create a script. This ensures every member of our team is on the same page, and everyone is prepared for any possible outcome.