Committed to the Community

Rock Connections commits every year to giving back to the community where they live, work, and play – Detroit. This year’s goal is to work with non-profits in the city and donate 2,000 community service hours. Through the volunteering program at Rock Connections, I was given the opportunity to volunteer with Focus: HOPE. At the […]


Community Initiatives Boosts Career Satisfaction

We all know doing the right thing is the right thing to do… but beyond that, why should a corporation invest time and resources developing a community relations program and then influence their team members to participate? A corporation’s involvement in the community is becoming increasingly important as people support and reject businesses through their […]

Overcoming Your Fear of Change at Work

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. – H. P. Lovecraft There are so many of us that find the idea of change exciting and exhilarating, but yet, when change heads our way, we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable. Whether it’s a […]


Create an Open Door Culture

It’s pretty simple. Closed doors create barriers. When the leaders of a company separate themselves it can unknowingly negativity affect many aspects of the working environment. From creating a lack of trust to appearing uninterested in the business at a ground level, closed off work environments send the wrong message to everyone. Let’s face it…when […]


Patience Is Key

In order to develop a thriving culture and ultimately, a thriving organization, leaders have to be aware of patience. How often have you heard the phrase, patience is a virtue? It’s true, and it is most needed in leadership. A lack of patience in a leader can result in a potential loss of morale and […]

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Help Wanted: Hiring in Line with Your Culture

Successful work environments take time to build: Why not build it with the right people? Creating a culture where employees can thrive can take time and effort. Oftentimes, businesses put most of this effort into correcting a broken culture. We’ve all seen it before, the top team member resigning from their position with little or […]

What Drives You

How do you prepare yourself for a successful day/week/month ahead every day? It could look something like this: 1. Wake up early 2. Work out – maintain health 3. Morning routine (shower, brush teeth, etc.) 4. Hearty breakfast 5. Be timely to appointments/work We all have a typical routine that keeps us going from day […]

Focus Drives Behavior

Between phone calls, emails, text messaging, and social media activity, salespeople get hundreds of messages every day. They face internal and external distractions on a daily basis. It’s the world we live in. However, if we allow these distractions to work against us, we can lose sight of their priorities and miss goals we set […]


Importance of Building Rapport

A CBS News / New York Times poll asked, “What percent of people in general are trustworthy?” The answer: 30%. Were you surprised? Not really, right? People generally don’t trust those they don’t know. However, the poll asked a second question to a similar group, but with a slight difference. “What percent of people that […]


Recruiting Part II – Interviewing Is A Two-Way Street

Today, it is becoming clear that it takes more than money to hire the right type of team members. In fact, a recent study shows 85% of Human Resource executives state the single greatest challenge they have in managing the workforce is their organization’s inability to recruit and retain good team members and leadership. Interviewing […]