Data can only get you so far. It’s what we do with the information that counts.

Our team of highly skilled data analysts guide clients with calculated strategies aimed at identifying future opportunities to improve conversion. In this process, we employ a collaborative approach that involves a variety of team members from all over the business.

By combining our strengths with proactive data analysis, we’re able to develop original strategies that attract, maximize and convert quality leads to sales at a higher rate.


Lead Scrubbing and Compliance Through list management and screening services, we evaluate the quality of each lead and the caliber of its source. Then, we scrub against the federal and state Do Not Call registries. At Rock Connections, we’re TCPA compliant, and we follow all expressed written consent policies for mobile phones. We’re members of Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) and Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Lastly, we’re properly licensed and compliant for telemarketing in all 50 states. 

Strategic Lead Dialing Strategy, Optimization and Routing Once data is compiled for each lead, our analysts create contact profiles and match them with campaign goals. By doing this, we determine a dialing strategy that connects customers with relevant products at the most opportune time. During this process, we evaluate the demographics and past behaviors of each lead to identify the likeliest opportunity for a sale. Our analysts then employ grading and optimization strategies to route each lead to the most appropriate account representative in terms of location, product knowledge and specialty. 

Blended Inbound/Outbound Calling Our account specialists are cross-trained to handle any type of call. While we’re tasked with collecting information and achieving high conversion rates, it’s our priority to represent our clients in a professional manner.   

List Analytics and Reporting Our in-depth data analysis and reporting metrics provide a detailed look at the effectiveness of our strategies, and we steer our business intelligence team toward refinements that result in maximum ROI. With a summary data output exceeding 50 data points, the depth of our metrics extends beyond industry standards and provides us with a deeper awareness of what’s working and what’s not.

Sales Process Strategy Our ability to track a lead from its origination point to closing allows us to evaluate and improve performance on our end and yours. Using the data we gather about each lead, we guide clients toward their most productive marketing outlets and presentation strategies.