The Perks

Our team members have access to scores of perks that go beyond medical and dental plans. The grass really is greener over here!

11 Paid Holidays per Calendar Year

We hope you’ll love work, but we know you have a life too! In your first year, you’ll accrue up to 2 weeks of vacation. Not to mention, there are 7 paid company holidays, as well as 4 floating holidays. Enjoy your work, love your life, and have it all! 

Secure Parking, Slushies & Popcorn

We want you to be happy, and being happy means being well fed (in our opinion!). Enjoy free cappuccinos, slushies, popcorn, and other tasty tidbits all day every day. And if that’s not enough, we’ll keep your car safe and sound (for free). while you’re at work doin’ your thing! 

Seminars on Financial and Health Topics

Fact: working here makes you smart. Or maybe you are smart for wanting to work here. It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg situation.

Family of Companies Discounts

The awesome thing about having a ridiculously large family of companies is that our team members have access to a hefty chunk of discounts. Need a mortgage? Quicken Loans can help you. Looking to dress up blank walls? Fathead has you (or your walls, rather!) covered. Need help figuring out where to put that Fathead? Well, you get a discount through Doodle Home, an internet-based design company.

On-site Amenities

We bet you could live here if you wanted to. And we bet you’ll want to when you see the on-site childcare, fitness center, café, massage therapist, physical therapist, family doctor, salon, eye doctor, and chiropractor.

Other Discounts

Don’t buy ANYTHING unless you’ve looked at our team member discounts first. We get discounts on anything from computers to entertainment, travel, and restaurants. The money-saving here just never ends!

Paid Time Off to Volunteer

We worship people who want to make a difference. It can be hard to get out there and volunteer when you have a full-time job. That’s why we offer paid time off for team members when they get out there and make us proud.